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Spectrum - Zedd ft. Hatsune Miku (livetune remix)

Universal Music Japan announced that they will add a bonus track for Japan release of the latest album titled Clarity Zedd.One of the popular songs from Zedd remixed the Spectrum will be reset to the bonus track, which is a special re-Spectrum will remixed by kz (livetune) using vocal Hatsune Miku. Voice bank used is Miku English (demo ver.). This track alone in tuning by CircusP. Clarity previous albums have been released in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Europe. Clarity album ranks third Billboard Top Dance / Electronic Albums chart. Here's the song and the rest of the story:

Beginning livetune expressed through official twitter account that he is a fan of Zedd.

Hearing the news of Universal Music Japan asks livetune meremix songs and as Zedd was amazed to hear the final result remix Zedd quickly decided to add to the album Clarity japanese Release. Zedd (23), known as the producer of electro dance music ever created a song for Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Zedd also acted as producer untul Lady Gaga's latest album is ARTPOP.

Zedd felt amazed and exited with this remix and he was also surprised by the fact that it only took two days to finish in front of the computer. That makes Zedd commented, "This is like the Japanese singing English and hear this remix is ​​something I had never listened to before." Zedd remix of livetune adding the result is awesome