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About Me

Hey ! I am Yoshino Uzumaki Evans as you know me , but if you find it too long you can call me Yui. I am a true Otaku and proud of it !
My aim is to make my blogs make famous as much as possible. So, right now i am working hard for it and trying my best to be a good Mangaka. I promise i will never - ever act like a geek and make my blog look boring instead i will make it fun and cool !

If you want too know me more some here is my information -

Name - Yoshino Uzumaki Evans
Gender - Female
Date of Birth - 21st November 1998
Occupation - Student
Likes - Everyone and Everything ( I know that you know that i am kidding )
Hates - Nothing much

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Thanks for Viewing and spending time on the Blog ! ^_^