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Manga 620 SPOILER !

Hashirama: What is a village? What is a shinobi? Well that's simple enough to answer!

Sasuke: Tell me.

Hashirama: When I created the leaf, I wanted to make a home not only for myself, but for others as well. You see, back then there were no leaf,cloud,sand etc. there was just shinobi.

Sasuke: What is the role of a shinobi? Why was this system created?

Hashirama: Shinobi is a just a title to those who understand the art of manipulating the chakra inside them, as well as the will to act.

Sasuke: act.

Hashirama: The art of shinobi was never meant to be used as a weapon or a tool, rather, to increase living standards to a point that would allow us humans to live in peace. However...when I formed the hidden leaf, we were limited by basic supplies and needs, things we could not create with chakra. The same thing happened towards other nations, and thus trade needed to happen. The only thing the leaf had to offer were the 9 bijuu that were under my procession.

Sasuke: I sent the other bijuu away to secure your village.

Tobirama: A terrible move on his part..

Hashirama: Tsk, they were peaceful creatures back then you know!

Sasuke: Peaceful?

Hashirama: All bijuu are peaceful, it's men who want to take advantage of their power that causes them to become dangerous.

Sasuke: ...Madara.

Tobirama: His eyes took control over the 9 tails and he attacked his own village head on. Coward uchiha always playing dirty.

Hashirama: Hey! Remember it was I who convinced him to have the battle away from the village.

Tobirama: You're lucky he admires your power so much or else the leaf would be no more.

Hashirama: Anyway, to sum this all up....

Tobirama: Uchiha is a plague that cannot be terminated, a never ending cycle of hatred that unleashes it's wrath against everyone else. They're garbage.

Hashirama has a shocked face

Tobirama: I think I summed it up perfectly.

Sasuke glares at Tobirama

Sasuke: Tread carefully second hokage or else this Uchiha will unleash his hatred towards you.

Hiruzen: Sasuke! Don't speak towards the second like that!

Orochimaru: Now now....let's not turn this discussion into a war...we already have one going on.

Hashirama: A war? Now?

Orochimaru: Oh yes.

Hiruzen: Are you behind this Orochimaru?

Orochimaru: Not at all, nor do I have any part in it.

Suigetsu: Some creepy uchiha who wears a mask named Tobi apparently.

Tobirama: Oh look, didn't see that coming. Although I question the name..

Hashirama: TOBIRAMA!

Minato: ! *it must be him*

Hiruzen: How can this one man wage war by himself?

Orochimaru: Well..when he has the 10 tails and Uchiha Madara by his side, it really isn't that difficult.

Hashirama: THE 10 TAILS!? MADARA?

Hiruzen: ! *so the Akatsuki succeded*

Minato: Does this mean...that the 9 tails has sealed away..

Juugo: The birds are telling me that the 8 and 9 tails are still alive.

Minato: You, who is the current jinchuriki of the 9 tails!

Orochimaru: Your son...

Sasuke with a surprised reaction

Orochimaru: Naruto.

Sasuke:'re Naruto's's no wonder you resemble him so much..

Minato: So I was right, it wasn't Madara who attacked the village back then...I mean...the first did kill him...

Hashirama: ha...ha..yeah..about that

Minato: No way! you let him live?

Tobirama: Of course he did, Hashirama never kills anyway, he always lets them walk.

Minato: So it was Madara?

Orochimaru: No...the one known as Tobi was the one that attacked the village 16 years ago. You know this person very well 4th.

Minato: !?

Sasuke: ? You know who Tobi is..

Orochimaru: Of course, me and Kabuto knew everything from the beginning.

Sasuke: Who is he really.

Orochimaru: Your sensei's old team mate, and student to the 4th hokage...

Minato with a unbelievably shocked look on his face

Orochimaru: Uchiha Obito.

Chapter end