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Happy Birthday Miku !

Me - (talking to readers)
         It's been so long that I've wished a Vocaloid . It feels like ages but now the day has come ! Today i am going wish someone now it's your work to guess it !
I'll give you the hints , i mean I'll tell you the names if the song it has sung .

1) Canterella
2) Llevan Polka
3) Love is War
4) Traditional Sakura
5) Forgotten Alice

Now you must have known that it's ...... Miku Hatsune !
Well , the only problem i have is to find her , i don't know where will she be ? ( Asks the camera to come close ) Do you know ? Ok ! if you don't even know then i'll have to find her .
 Anyways i am in Akibahara right now .
( sees a blue long haired person with spring onion )

Me - ( to readers ) She must be Miku !
Me - Hey Miku !
Miku - Eh ? ( turns back )
Me - ( runs forward ) * huff* hi !
Miku - you are ..... ?
MikuMe - ( falls down ) How can your forget me ? It's me Yoshino i reported Karaoke party
Miku - Ka..ra....oke.. par.. ty ?
Me - Comon on that day Meiko had gone all amd and kissed you a lot
Miku - ( tensed ) hey ! keep it low i recall now
Me - Well Happy B'day
Miku - Ah.thanks so much !
Me - Can i hang out with you ? please
Miku - Of course Yes !
Me - Um Miku is the story of canterella real ?
Miku - Uh no not at all . Its just like shooting a film
Me - oh i see . but i am waiting for the 3rd part of the synchronicity and i have a comment for you . You were                            so awsome in cantrella  .
Miku - Thanks for the comment . i think in the 3rd part they are going to show what happened afterwards and the reuniuon of the twins or how the story began . I mean the reason why i became evil or so .
Me - oh i see ! ne..... Miku what do you think about the Engloids , Kroeanloids and chineseloids ?
Miku - Well i dont know about there processors but yeah they are good singers i have hear their songs and no matter what they are good at heart

Me - Wow ! such nice thoughts Anyways i have to go now bye !
and you can see your b'day gift at my blog 
Miku - bye