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Vocaloid 3 : CUL's official Illustration and demo

Internet Co. Ltd has released final information about CUL, including its release date, and official box art/illustration.

CUL was originally designed as a mascot for VocaRevo (Vocalo Revolution) and VY1 was used as the voice. However, with the announcement of Vocaloid 3, CUL was announced to get her own voicebank too, voiced by Eri Kitamura. CUL also received her own illustration below.

A demo song is available on CUL’s Official website here. Click on the green button to stream it on an audio player capable of streaming WMA audio files. More illustrations will also be available in the future.
CUL’s language is Japanese, the recommended range is F2~F4 and the recommended tempo is 60~175BPM. The official release date for CUL is December 22nd 2011.