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The Riddle Solver Who Can't Solve Riddles ( Mystery Plot )

As i said earlier that i would be introducing to you the most confusing murder case ever ( The Riddle of The Riddle Solver Who Can't Solve Riddles ) !

The key Players of the Mystery are -

The Detective - Len Kagamine
The Witness - Rin Kagamine

Len's Point of View -

The Detective comes up with the first question that is Why was the person sitting alone in the room drinking a poisoned bottle of Wine ?
To which he himself replies " Because the person was destined to die at the moment "

The second doubt that arouses is Why did the person fall in the ocean after dyeing and was the culprit there at that time ?
For this doubt there was no answer

Len then asks the Eye Witness about the culprit saying that everything happened before her eye and she would know the answer !
But Rin has no reply to this.

To End the crime Len shows his Hand which was thought to be not there . To Rin's astonishment the hand was all covered in blood   and with eagerness he tells Rin to say HIS NAME ! But between all this Rin holds out a knife and tries to kill Len but Len slaps the Knife out of Rin's hand continues to speak the question " Who is the Culprit " and speaks further " If you don't say my name I'll Kill' you ! "

Rin's Point of View -

Rin states that Len's statements were fake !

Her story tells that she was going to kill the victim and she told Len about that before committing the murder but hearing the Len's face color changed and he asked Rin if he could be the detective . 
Rin tells that there were two glasses of poisoned wine But even if the victim didn't die by the Poison he would have died by the Knife ! She told why Len said her told his name because he wanted to repair his old Crimes.

But the Last Line of Rin changes everything !

That is -

" For this Mystery to End everyone must die !
You don't want it to end ? You wanna solve it ?
But it can't be solved because it is full of Factual Errors "

If Rin hadn't said the lie above the culprit would have been clear . The reality would have been that Rin wanted to murder the victim but to save her Len killed him !

This mystery might never solve But I want it to be solved so every thought that comes to your mind just comment below so that i solve the mystery by the slightest clue available and tell you !