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IOS app Domino Pizza X Hatsune Miku

Chief executive Scott Oelkers Domino Japan made a surprise announcement that the Japanese Domino collaboration with Crypton Future Media has delivered Domino Miku iOS apps. The main function of this application is to help the people of Japan to order Dominos pizza. Here's the announcement video and other functions of this application:

Previous Domino also did a collaboration with Hatsune miku is by challenging employees to make a song and illustrations using Hatsune Miku. Please check out the YouTube channel officially Domino to listen to original works crew Domino. Here's the function of Domino applications Miku:

01. Ordering pizza
main function of this application. The model used is Angel Miku Project MMD. While the costumes worn by the crew Miku was designed by Domino.

02. Check the status of orders pizza
With this function the customer can check the delivery order them in real time, while checking customers will listen to Hatsune Miku sings songs written by Domino crew.

03. Photographed by Hatsune Miku
By utilizing this application AR camera equipped function "Social Pizza Camera Function" where customers can take pictures with Miku in various poses and costumes designed by crew Domino. Customers can view scans by Miku poses logo Domino pizza.

04. Hatsune Miku Live Stage
After pizza orders have come customers can activate the "Pizza Stage Live" where the customer can see this function Koser Miku live through AR technology. How to turn this function is easy enough by just pointing the camera to the pizza box.Songs, costumes, and koreo all created by Domino crew.


This application is available for iTunes Japan and the U.S. . Both are in Japanese. Delevery function applies only in Japan.This application is compatible with iPhone 4 and 4th gen iPod or above and iPad 2nd gen or above.