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Vocaloid Character : Ryuto

Ryuto is the official character of the Gachapoid. Gachapoid itself is a vocaloid Japan VOCALOID2-based Engine. Ryuto developed by INTERNET companies. The name of the product this vocalid following the tradition of the INTERNET, namely where the character name and the software vocaloid had a different name.

Ryuuto data:

Developer INTERNET Co., Ltd.

INTERNET Distributor Co., Ltd.

Release date - October 8, 2010

Eternally Age - 5 years old

Other names - Gachapoid (formal product name)

Origin - Japan

Voice Data from Ryuto using sounds from Kuniko Amemiya a voice actress who has voiced characters in the anime dinosaur baby Gachapin Gachapin, green creature who is one of the characters in the show sons of Hirake! Ponkikki broadcast on Fuju TV from 1973 to 1993, this event is very popular in Japan.