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Top 10 Memorable quotes

Here are the top 10 Memorable quotes as stated in the Naruto Official Fanbook !

1) I was so hard on you yelling, scolding ..... it must have hurt
     - Iruka

2) I will never let my comrades dies
     - Hatake Kakashi

3) All your hard work will prove worthless unless you believe in yourself
     - Guy

4) Now it's your turn to watch my back
     - Sakura Haruno

5) Nothing wrong with crying when you're happy
     - Uzumaki Naruto

6) He is citizen of Konhagakure village ..... Uzumaki Naruto
     - Iruka

7) Because somebody told me i wad a failure
    - Uzumaki Naruto

8) Sakura......point out the on who pummeled you in that state
    - Uchiha Sasuke

9) If i were able.......i would want to go ... to the same place....on the other side you
    - Momochi Zabuza

10) When i become Hokage , i'll change the Hyuga clan
       - Uzumaki Naruto