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Vocaloid Character : Avanna

During the Vocaloid3 announcements, Zero-G were revealed to be working on a male and female Celtic themed Vocaloid pair. She was expected summer 2012, however was delayed originally because of a quality related issue. She was confirmed in August 2012 and her status was noted as "almost complete".

EmpathP had been asked on August the 13th if they were prepared to do the artwork. The artwork was worked upon through August and September and adjustments were made throughout. The eventual design was however rejected by Yamaha themselves for not being an "anime" based style. The decision was made to start from scratch and redo the design in a style Yamaha preferred

In November 2012, at the VocaNoIro panel at Nekocon 15, it was revealed that Avanna's voicebank was finished and that EmpathP would be the artist of Avanna's boxart. A demo of Avanna's voice was also revealed at the panel and was uploaded onto YouTube.

On November 8, 2012, EmpathP revealed her design on her DeviantArt account.
Her age is set to be 18 years old