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Vocaloid at Party !

As you know i report to you every vocaloid event ( though i miss out some ) Here is another party event -

Me - let's see whats going on !

Me - Oh the preparations are going on !!! 

Meiko - Everyone working ! Ha ha ha ha.....
Gackpoid - Hey Meiko stop drinking and control your self you are scaring me !
Miku - Ha ha ha ha..........Look at Meiko and Gackpoid they look like made for each other couple type !
Rin and Len - Let's hang this banner together as we usually do !
Luka - Where is Kaito ?.....oh yea i am should help too
Gumi - Oh give me it i'll hand it !
SFA Miki - Oh me careful dont poke it in my nose

Me - oh see i got another shot for there preparation which is continued

Meiko - Hey len don't touch it now and you have to obey me i am the boss over here !!!
Len - Huh?! Let me eat it i am hungry from work and you didnt even work !
Rin - A Lenni stop fighting i got a party gift for you ( Me - she is adressing len as Lenni ? O.o )
Kaito - Yeah let's start the party ha ha ha ha.......
Miku -  What happened to him er....Kaito ....ok i dont have the guts to ask him ( keeps staring -_- )

Me - Quiet complicated to tell in words !

Me - the party is half complete but the last event is a game played between Len and Kaito .Let's see it !

Len - I wont loose no matter what !
Kaito - Hey kid you dont stand a chance against me
Rin - Go lenni win for me !
Meiko - hm.......... quite interesting

Me - hmmmm..... lets move on
Me - oh everyone is going to the stream near by

Kaito - I'd better play from here
Others - ♫ Yay spil water here and throw water there ! 
Me - What are they singing ?

Me - This is how the party ended . We can also say that they were tired so they ended up like this !
 Oh ! kaito has 2 people sitting on him won;t his back be paining .

And the photograph they took before leaving  -

and this is how they returned home -

Me - ♫ It was a crazy party after all !