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Manga 615 : Connected

 ( Above : the cover page of the manga )

This manga was a fabulous one because of many reasons . Hinata for the first time slapped Naruto ( not due to his stupidity but to get him out of what Obito said. Obito told Naruto that how much wrong he had been thinking he could save his friends but they keep on dying because of Naruto .
( above : A page from the manga telling Obito's words )

He also told him that it was because of Naruto that people around him were dying . No one who believed in Naruto would live for long added Obito . Hearing all this words Naruto went in thought thinking whether it was truth or not , whether his own words were feeble or not . That's when Hinata slapped him so that he could stop thinking all this .  She also told him that his life was connected to the people and therefore his words cannot be feeble he had to be strong at that moment otherwise Neji's sacrifice would go waste .
Then at last Naruto held her hand and got cheered up to fight !

Read the manga here ( click )