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Vocaloid Character : Big AI

Big Al is Engloid Vocaloid2-based developed by PowerFX.Big Al was first announced on January 21, 2007. Voiced Big Al was Michael King an Elvis impersonator. When PowerFX wanted to do an update to the sound of Big Al, Michael King, who was then busy touring can't do the recording finally decided to replace PowerFX voice provider Big Al who previously by Michael King now by Frank Sanderson a voice over artist. Big Al updated version released in 2009. Same with Sweet Ann in 20111 Big Al was also released in Taiwan with its own avatar.

Big Al data:

• ??? (Original\2007)
• Ash (Update\2009)
• Loiza (Taiwanese\2011)

• 25
• 21 (e-capsule)
Voice provider
• Frank Sanderson
• Michael King

• Male

• 6 ' 4 "/193cm
• 6 ' 1 "/185cm (e-capsule)

• 190lbs/86kg
• 160lbs/73kg (e-capsule)