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Vocaloid 3 characters ( Coming Soon )

Everyone there is a good nes that SOON SOME NEW VOCALOIDS WILL BE JOINING OUR VOCALOID ClUB . Let me tell you about them -Here you go

Aoki Lapis

Aoki Lapis (蒼姫ラピス) is an upcoming Vocaloid. On 5th August 2011, it was confirmed I-Style Project had a vocaloid known as "Aoki" and will be released for Vocaloid3. She is part of a joint collaborative project between Japanese search engine site, Nico Nico Douga users, called “i-style Project.”

i-Style Project is a collaboration project for Vocaloid3. So far a female vocal is confirmed. It is headed by the animation Studio DEEN and doujin e-retailer Surfersparadise. On 5th August 2011, it was confirmed her name is Aoki Lapis. Currently, a voice recording competition is held to find the voice provider.
I-Style Project website


She was introduced in "CUL makes Revolution!". CUL was featured in the shows introduction, the PV and the closing credits of the show. CUL is also the mascot of "CUL project; offical", a website designed to promote Cul to make her offical. Stickers were also released on sale featuring her. A MMD model used in her PVs, such as "CUL makes Revolution!", was later released.
On June 8th, 2011, CUL was revealed to be in the process of becoming an actual Vocaloid. It is not known when she will be released. She is confirmed Vocaloid 3, this means she will not be released before late September, this is when the Vocaloid 3 engine is released.

So now are you going to hear their music ?